About Me


I am a skilled Medical Massage Therapist that specializes in releasing restrictions in soft tissue by using deep, gentle pressure in certain areas of affected tissue until a release occurs.

I have spent most of my life studying the human body in both sickness and health. I started out, when i was able to read, with an encyclopedia about the human body that my mother had given me. I progressed, asking different questions and seeking out more information about how to take care of the human body. Eventually i decided i wanted to go into the medical field and put my knowledge to work. I am not one to deal with stress, so any type of doctor or nurse was ruled out. I came across massage therapy while doing some research and it seemed like a good idea. 

I now strive to learn as many new massage modalities and enhancements as I possibly can, as well as business classes, in order to effectively serve a broad range of demographics. I dream of opening my own massage place where people can journey to and be at ease. A serene location where walking up to the door opens the mind to a world of healing.

Come and journey with me as we take health and healing and integrate it back into life.